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Family Trust Guide, The

Nancy J. Bullis, Brian J. Wilson

Family Trust Guide, The - Ce produit est offert sur les supports suivants: Guides personnels

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The Family Trust Guide, 6th Edition is designed to introduce your clients to an important vehicle that can help them achieve their financial goals in both tax and estate planning — the family trust.

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Financial security is a common goal of Canadian families in every walk of life. But to achieve this goal, where do you begin? The first step is to acquire the knowledge you need for developing a viable plan.

The Family Trust Guide provides over 70 pages of discussion in straightforward language that can help your clients more knowledgeably consider the tax and estate planning benefits of creating a family trust and be better prepared to discuss their plans with you, their tax advisor.

As your clients read through the six chapters, they will learn:

  • what a trust is
  • how it is formed
  • the income tax rules that affect a trust
  • how a trust is taxed
  • how to use a family trust to achieve their financial goals, and
  • how a trust can be used to administer their assets and save on taxes

In addition to its easy-to-understand examples, the Guide includes a Checklist of Instructions for the Preparation of a Family Trust to help your clients organize their thoughts and documents before meeting with you to discuss their plans.

Compliments of “Your Firm’s Name”

This valuable marketing tool is available in packages of 5, 10 or 25 booklets. Attach your business card or personalized label on the distinctive “Compliments of” space on the back cover as a reminder of your value-added services.

Self-Study and Information Resource for Professionals

The Guide complements the 6th Edition of Tax Planning Using Family Trusts, a unique self-study course and information resource for professionals who need comprehensive information about the tax and non-tax uses of family trusts. Tax Planning Using Family Trusts is your fast track to learning how to maximize tax planning opportunities for your clients with the use of family trusts.

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Date de publication : April 2016

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