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Data Governance: Risk Strategy and Data privacy (new!)

Data Governance: Risk Strategy and Data privacy - This product is available in the following media types: On-Demand CoursesOnline course - On Demand

Data is the underlying infrastructure that helps support analytical decision-making. In this course, you’ll cover the important legal, regulatory, and organizational requirements that manage risk and help facilitate best practices in data governance and privacy.

This course is part of the Advanced Data Management Certificate Program (ADMCP). It can be taken individually or as a part of the full program.

CPA Canada partners with external virtual platform providers to deliver this program. By registering for this program, you acknowledge your understanding that CPA Canada will share your personal information with those parties who require it to ensure your access. Personal information may include your name, company, email address and Store account number. Also note that you may be asked to create a profile on the external platform that we use to deliver the program, and your information may be visible to other registered attendees on that platform. To learn more about how CPA Canada collects, uses and discloses personal information, please refer to our privacy policy.

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Advanced Data Management Certificate Program (ADMCP)

This course is part of the Advanced Data Management Certificate Program (ADMCP). It can be taken individually or as a part of the full program.

The full ADMCP is made up of the following courses and will be available on demand as of:

You will receive an email with instructions on how to access the courses prior to the launch date.

Please see instructions here on how to register your account once you've received the email from “Instructure Canvas”. 

You have one year from the date of registration to complete the course. If you need an extension, please contact

Financial Assistance

The Canada Job Grant provides opportunities for employers, individually or in groups, to invest in their workforce, with help from the government, offsetting up to 2/3 of the cost. CPA Canada is a recognized training provider for our professional development programs.

Please contact your provincial grant provider for specific guidelines and qualifications:

Scale AI Grant: Our partner Scale AI offers a grant for 50% of the cost (before taxes) of the Advanced Data Management Certificate Program courses based on completion of the program. There are limited grants available. The Scale AI grant cannot be combined with the Canada Jobs Grant. To learn more and apply, please contact our CPA Canada Learning Advisors at

Program Outline

This program consists of 5 online courses, recommended to be completed in sequence but is not mandatory. The intro to data analytics, visualizations and data governance courses can be taken in any order. The BI course should (but it’s not mandatory) be taken after the participant has completed the data analytics course. The applied course can only be taken if the participant has completed the first four courses.

Once you have completed all 5, you will obtain a statement of completion for 125 hours of learning. In order to obtain the full certificate, you must register and complete a capstone session as part of course 5, Applied Accounting Analytics.

Future-focused organizations need business leaders who can make confident, data-informed decisions. It’s an imperative for long-term sustainability of the profession as CPAs drive new forms of value creation in the marketplace.

Come build the knowledge and skills you need to evaluate complex information, create persuasive visualizations and support best practices in digital security with the Advanced Data Management Certificate Program (ADMCP). This comprehensive curriculum will help you will learn how to manage data for high-impact results, including what it takes to protect digital assets and develop the most effective dashboards.

Throughout the program, there is a strong focus on analyzing and assessing different risk scenarios. This is to ensure that all participants leave with the ability to apply the key concepts and tools of data management, then transform those findings into tangible business insights. To further develop a strategic mindset for dealing with data, you’ll also be required to complete hands-on activities and case studies that are grounded in a real-world accounting and finance context.

Prerequisites and Requirements

Students are required to have previous data cleansing knowledge, of the sort gained through the Data preparation: Cleansing, modelling and dashboards course of the Data Management Foundations Certificate, other data cleansing courses or programs or equivalent real-world data cleansing experience.

This means that students should already be comfortable using a data analytic tool (such as Power Query or Power BI) to perform the following:

  • Text, numerical and date manipulations, data type changes
  • Append, join, union and aggregate operations
  • Data filtering and splitting, grouping and ranking
  • Pivoting and unpivoting data, data calculations
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving

In addition, a well-prepared learner will have:

  • Basic statistics knowledge (able to calculate the mean, median, standard deviation; understanding of distributions)
  • Basic visualization building (create basic visualizations: bar, column, map, pie, treemap)
  • Basic data model and dashboarding (build basic models based on cleansed data set, create simple interactive dashboards which allow for filtering and drill downs)

While our focus will be on the Microsoft suite of products, this program is designed to be tool agnostic, meaning, you can use your preferred tool, software and/or method to complete the activities. This is not a software tutorial program. It is expected that you have a good command of at least one tool.

The ADMCP is a facilitated program. The courses are composed of six modules to be completed in six consecutive weeks, with one module of one course per week. While the course has open enrolment throughout the year, it is strongly recommended that students complete the course during one of the designated six-week timeframes to maximize the success in this program and to access all the features of the course, such as facilitator office hours. Facilitators will not be available outside of these timeframes. It is expected for students to complete individual course work within one year of registration.

Next facilitated timeframes

For the next facilitated timeframe, please refer to the program homepage.

Refund Policy

Refunds are available, subject to a $300 administrative fee (plus applicable taxes), for cancellations on courses not yet accessed. Cancellation requests must be made within one month of the purchase date. Any cancellations received after the deadline or course enrollment will not be eligible for a refund.

PLEASE NOTE: All cancellations must be received in writing by e-mail to

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