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EY's Guide to Income Tax

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Lucie Champagne, Maureen De Lisser, Gael Melville, Yves Plante, Alan Roth, Winnie Szeto

EY's Guide to Income Tax - This product is available in the following media types: Internet Collection

Clear, authoritative guidance on the income tax rules in Canada. Written in plain language by EY tax professionals, the guide reflects current and proposed tax law. Also available as part of Federal Income Tax Collection Platinum.

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EY's Guide to Income Tax includes access to the following title(s):

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Our knowledge and experience. Yours for the reading.

EY has taken a fresh topical approach to income tax commentary.

Each chapter discusses existing and proposed legislation and case law, and includes illustrative examples, applicable elections, and guidance on administrative practice.

Key highlights:

  • Commentary links to legislation
  • Practical examples
  • Updated to reflect current and proposed amendments

Topics include (not an exhaustive list):

  • Introduction
  • Liability for tax
  • Computation of income
  • Net income calculation – Special situations
  • Taxable income – Residents
  • Taxable income – Non-residents
  • Computation of Part I tax
  • Rules for specific taxpayers
    • Banks and other financial institutions
    • Charities and charitable donations
    • Cooperatives, credit unions, and deposit insurance corporations
    • Deceased individuals and estates
    • Insurance corporations
    • Mining companies
    • Mortgage investment corporations
    • Mutual fund corporations and trusts
    • Oil and gas companies
    • Private corporations
  • Deferred, retirement, and other special income plans
  • Administration
  • Miscellaneous taxes
  • Tax avoidance
  • Transfer pricing
  • Interpretation

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