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EY’s Guide to Scientific Research & Experimental Development, 3rd Edition

Susan Bishop, Kevin Eck, Elizabeth Pringle, Krista Robinson

EY’s Guide to Scientific Research & Experimental Development, 3rd Edition - Ce produit est offert sur les supports suivants: Téléchargement (eBook)This guide takes you through the SR&ED rules in Canada and contains extensive cross-references to CRA forms, policies, and publications, as well as case law and legislation. Available as a PDF eBook.

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EY’s Guide to Scientific Research and Experimental Development has been prepared to assist Canadian tax professionals in understanding the scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) rules in Canada.

The SR&ED rules for investment tax credit claims and deductions from income are detailed and complex, and their application often involves questions of law and fact, especially when determining whether SR&ED work has occurred and what expenditures are eligible for tax benefits. The numerous changes in the legislation in the recent past have helped to simplify the rules in some areas, but the application of these rules to specific situations remains complex.

The first two chapters of this guide provide the reader with an overview of the SR&ED program, including its objectives and advantages, as well as how it is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Chapters 3 and 4 provide an in-depth examination of what constitutes SR&ED eligible work (from a scientific perspective), what expenditures are eligible, and how they and the investment tax credit are calculated. Finally, Chapter 5 describes the steps involved in claiming these tax benefits — from investigating eligible SR&ED work within an organization to preparing and submitting a claim.

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ISBN : 978-1-5254-0312-5
Date de publication : October 2018
Nombre de pages : 215

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